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Meet Seona: Your Personal AI SEO Agency


SEO is confusing and expensive,
Seona makes it simple

Keywords, meta tags, heading hierarchy. Yuck. You just want your website to rank higher on search engines like Google. Seona makes this process simple and walks you through every step along the way.


Get started with any website URL

Seona works with all website types - Wordpress, Shopify, Wix, Squarespace, custom-coded, you name it. Just type in your website URL and Seona will start you off with an easy to understand audit of how your current SEO fares.

Grow your search rankings, automatically

Seona will scan your site and gain a great understanding of your business and potential customers. Then, every week, Seona will write blog posts and code changes that help your site rank higher for words your customers are looking up to find you.

Sit back and watch your website traffic grow

Depending on your website provider and settings, Seona can even automatically make the changes to your site without any work on your end. Just sit back and figure out how to handle all the customers that will start rolling in.

Save money. Get more customers fast.

SEO agencies costs thousands of dollars and give reports monthly. Let AI save you money and get you customers faster.

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Get started growing your brand in under 10 minutes

Your next digital marketing agency isn't an agency at all. Our products make building stunning websites, managing ad campains, and improving your brand image on search engines like Google effortless. Save money and attract new customers quickly and easily.

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