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Product HuntNew Tech MilestonesOur New LookAstra: Google Ads Powered by AILooking to the Future

Style AI Catch-Up: Website Updates, Product Launches, and More!

In this blog, we’ll walk you through what we’ve been up to over the past two months.

StyleAI Catch Up #1

Hey all!

It’s been a busy couple months here at Style AI, and we wanted to touch base with all of you! With all of your help, we’ve grown a ton since our initial kickoff, and wanted to share a glimpse into what to expect as we keep going from here. In this update, we’ll be going over some major milestones we’ve hit, updates and product launches happening right now, and where things are going in the future.

First of all, the response to our recent launches of both Levi and Seona have been absolutely mindblowing for us. Our team has been humbled by the incredible response to our launches, and are so excited for you all to check out what’s coming next. But first a recap:

Product Hunt

Last month, we launched both Levi and Seona, our AI powered website builder and SEO tool (respectively), on Product Hunt! It was a special moment for our team  getting the chance to see our product finally in the hands of so many people. The response was great! Thanks to all of you, we not only reached the top 10 sitewide, but #1 in both User Experience and Design Tools! Thanks for all the positive feedback, and rest assured, we’ll be back on Product Hunt soon with some new and exciting updates.

New Tech Milestones

Since launch, we’ve had over 5,000 sites generated with Levi, and over 2,500 sites audited with Seona. That’s incredible! We’re happy to see so many small businesses and individuals alike reinvent their online presence with us. With Levi, it’s never been easier to build a website from scratch, and with Seona, so many of you have improved your searchability effortlessly.

Over the past couple weeks, our tech team poured over all the feedback we’ve received, and are working on a slew of improvements and features for both Levi and Seona, so stay tuned across our social channels and be the first to hear when major updates drop!

Our New Look

I’m sure you’ve noticed, things look a little different around here. As much as we loved our old site, we thought it was time for a refresh. Introducing 2.0! We’ve not only overhauled our visuals, but completely reconstructed our landing page from the ground up. In addition, we’ve built all new product pages for both Levi and Seona, where we go even more in-depth when it comes to their features and capabilities. We’ve also added an all-new pricing page, making it even easier to understand what you receive with each subscription. Finally, we’ve added a blog page, where we’ll bring relevant and intriguing content that’ll help you elevate your business.

Go check out our site today at! If you look closely, you might notice our top secret upcoming project…

Astra: Google Ads Powered by AI

At Style AI, we aim to  push artificial intelligence in new and exciting directions, and with the launches of both Seona and Levi, we were just getting started. Introducing Astra, your all-in-one, artificial intelligence powered solution for Google Ads.

Astra is an all-new intelligent AI assistant, focused on building compelling ad campaigns across Google, all without you lifting a finger. Astra analyzes your site’s content and builds powerful campaigns to promote your business. Everything from targeting, copy, and cadence are built automatically, to ensure the most optimal campaign possible for your business. With Astra, we simplify ad campaigns, and help you reach even more customers than ever before.

With the (pre) launch for Astra, we’re one step closer to being the all-in-one platform for all of your business’s online needs. If you want to check it out for yourself, sign up for the beta here!

Looking to the Future

With Astra, the new site, and so much more, our team has been hard at work building and improving on our existing tech, and finding new and exciting ways to innovate. We’re excited for you all to see what's coming next! We’ll have more to share in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!

Thanks again to everyone who’s made this launch so monumental for us, and we’re excited to show you what comes next!

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