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Meet Crafta: The Best Website Builder for Your Small Business

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Intuitive web editing experience
Website Wizardry Unleashed

Build a professional business website with AI in seconds

Powered by AI, Crafta is an intelligent website builder that can help you create, edit, and optimize your small business website. You can ask Crafta to find new images, add new sections, or even make your website look friendlier. No need for complex codes or design degrees - just tell Crafta what you want, and it gets done fast. Simple, speedy, and smart, that's Crafta for you!

Marketing site built with Crafta
Agency site built with Crafta
Effortless Editing

Edit your site through the power of conversation

Chat, Collaborate, Create - Editing with Crafta is as easy as texting. No more long back and forths with a digital marketing agency. Leveraging advanced AI, Crafta is not just a tool, but your smart design partner that you can converse with.

Prompt Crafta to edit your website for you
Seamless Control

Directly take control with robust editing tools

Unleash your creativity with Crafta's powerful editing tools. Gain full control over your website - offering you the flexibility of popular web builders, enhanced by the power of AI. With Crafta's intuitive grid system and drag-and-drop editing feature, designing your website becomes a breeze. Create stunning layouts effortlessly by arranging modular blocks such as text, buttons, forms, and more.

Intuitive drag and drop blocks menuCustomize your website with the color pickerEdit and move sections with easeChange text and styles quickly
Lightning Speed

From idea to published in less than 10 minutes

Say goodbye to long waiting times and complicated setups, and say hello to a hassle-free and efficient website deployment experience.

Publish your site from the editor instantly
Business Intelligence

Built for your business needs

Crafta has been trained to design websites tailored to specific industries and people, including law firms, restaurants, agencies, and more.

Templates for personal websites (ex. portfolios)Templates for businesses (ex. accountants)

Added Features to Supercharge Your Website

Free custom domains

Custom Domains

Free for a Limited Time

Every website comes with a custom domain, allowing you to establish a unique online presence that represents your brand.

Exciting 3rd party integrations

Third Party Apps

Coming Soon

Integrate seamlessly with popular third-party apps and services to enhance your business operations.

Loved by founders, marketers, creators, and businesses around the world

Adam Alpert

Co-Founder, Pangea

This is epic. As a non-technical co-founder, I'm super excited about how tools like this can help people like me contribute in areas I couldn't before.

Lexi Kaz

Founder, AK Infinite Marketing

Trying to wrap my head around this ... awesome is the first word that comes to mind!

Denis Smetnev

Co-Founder, Skyeng

I was impressed with how easy it was to use StyleAI. I also want to note that the price for using the service is very competitive and accessible to a wide audience

Jeff Shank

Product Hunt

This is witchcraft! I love it! Just did an audit on my blog and it came up with some great suggestions for improvement. It even accurately identified my 'competitors' and our rankings.

Azfar Ahmed


I have tried different AI website creators before, but this one is smarter

Raj Patel

Engineer, Lockheed Martin

I have been playing around with the site and it's super impressive. The designs are great and the AI does a good job translating descriptions to the actual content.

Brett Nelson

Lawrence Berkeley National Labs

Really enjoyed using this product, both for personal and business site development!! Looking forward to future improvements!

Siqi Gao

StyleAI Customer

As a small business owner, I don't have the time or resources to do manual SEO optimization. Seona's automated optimization and weekly reports have made my life so much easier.

Ayesha Awan

Co-Founder, SocialBu

An amazing product that will help me improve my website's SEO with so little work on my end. I am so excited to see how it improves my rankings improve over time! 🙌

Sanskar Lamsal


Love the flow! Straight to the point. I just made a portfolio website and it turned out great!

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